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Community House Presbyterian Church is a community of mindful, caring people gathered by God’s call to make a difference in the world through generous action and inspired living.

At Community House we believe that there is no understanding of life or of scripture without interpretation. We choose to interpret in the light of Christ's life of radical inclusiveness and generous action. We tear away the labels that are created by society to disenfranchise others. We stand firm in our commitment to be a loving and open community that welcomes everyone to the table of grace, peace and light.

We have recently begun a complete overhaul of our plumbing systems. The bad news is, that our washroom facilities may be closed during a few masses, but the great news is that with Dr. Pipes Plumbing on the job, when the plumbing repairs are complete there will be no more leaky faucets, clogged drains or otherwise faulty systems. Dr. Pipes is the best plumbers around and we are happy to be having them do the work!

At Community House, our lives unfold as journeys, as open-ended inquiries — works in progress. Our call is to respond creatively to God’s continuing revelation. Here, everyone is valued as having a story, lived out against the background of the larger Biblical story. Every person’s story deserves to be told and given respect and support and community members have really helped with this. And every story has chapters still to be written through generous and inspired action in our lives. Come celebrate your story with us!

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